Service Trench 50mm Drains

Service Trench 50mm Drains

Service trench 50mm drains block with jelly the same as the case plumbing, it is important these drains are clear before installing tablets. For more information about Gel-clear visit

Gel-clear Tablets – When to Install?

Deep cleans are usually the best time to replace your Gel-clear tablet, (although this is not essential).

The tablets are safe to handle and simple to install. For more information visit

Deep Cleans

Got a deep clean coming up? Why not book a free trial on our website at

Gel-clear are the country’s leading condensate drain tablet supplier It is the simple, low cost, effective solution to blocked condensate drains. Gel-clear is a purpose-developed condensate drain tablet for the food retail leaking display case. Samples also available, ring +44 (0)844 330 3643.


Jelly in 100mm Block

Once placed in the condensate pan, the tablet forms a gel adhering to the pan. This adhesion never allows the tablet to move or block the drain line. Gel-clear condensate drain tablet’s uniquely designed formula with AT-8 turns the tablet into a very slow gel release, giving it a long-lasting and very effective cleaning action @ 5 parts per million, the most effective condensate drain treatment on the market!. The tablet will prevent jelly and other accumulations in condensate drain pans and pipes, eliminating blocked condensate drains and leaking display cases.

Gel-clear Testimonial

Trial success for KB Refrigeration


Gel-clear Ltd completed a successful 6 month trial with a 100% reduction in call-outs for water leaks.

The trial at Co-op Helensburgh is the latest in a series of successful product trials for major retailers. The trial involved KB engineers placing a Gel-clear tablet in each case during the deep clean. The branch, with a history of consistent jelly related leaks, showed an immediate stop in leaks. Over the observed period of 6 months since the installation, not one call out for leaking display cases has been reported at the branch.

UK Commercial Director, Paurick Gaughan – ” …

Jelly Blocking Case

Here is a video of an alternative product, wax strips, usually used for air conditioning units, being used in a food chiller.
The strips have clearly stopped working and the case plumbing is blocked with jelly.

Save on Maintenance Costs

This video shows the jelly being sucked out of condensate drains! Why not save on maintenance costs and use Gel-clear condensate drain tablets?

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