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Gel-clear announced the launch of their new extended life tablet as the 15/6/17. The change aims to bring consistency and simplicity for installers PPM operatives, and reactive maintenance engineers.

Managing director Paurick Gaughan said:
“Our one-year tablet has always achieved fantastic results, case studies have always proven a reduction in water leak call-outs between 90-100%. Our tablet is installed by a range of people from refrigeration engineers to case cleaning technicians, we appreciate case designs differ, operational use varies, we know placing the tablets as directed is not always possible, in light of this, we have increased the tablets lifespan by 40%. This takes the tablets lifespan well over the one year mark no matter how the tablet is used.”

Gel-clears proprietary formula prevents biofilm differently from conventional methods, Gel-clear tablets dissolve, coating the pipes and drains, preventing the microbes and bacteria from secreting biofilm jelly at a molecular level, “We target the off switch in microbial behaviour.”

Gel-clear has consistently demonstrated a massive reduction in water leak call outs and immediate operational cost reduction in reactive maintenance.

“We are so confident in our products ability, we offer a free trial to any retailer for them to see the effect on their maintenance budget for themselves.”

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