Savings in the Long Run: How Following Drainage Installation Standards Reduces Refrigeration Maintenance Expenses

Savings in the Long Run: How Following Drainage Installation Standards Reduces Refrigeration Maintenance Expenses

Are you tired of dealing with costly and recurring maintenance expenses for your refrigerated display cabinet drains? Look no further! In this insightful article, we will delve into the importance of following drainage installation standards and how it can save you a significant amount of money in the long run. From preventing blocked drains to avoiding costly repairs, adhering to these standards ensures that your drainage system functions optimally, reducing the need for constant maintenance. We will explore the key aspects of proper drainage installation, such as slope and gradient, …

Managing Maintenance Costs in Supermarket Refrigeration Drains

The Significance of Refrigeration Drain Maintenance:

Preventing Blockage – Refrigeration drains are susceptible to clogs caused by debris, sediment, and biofilm. These blockages lead to water backup, leakage, and potential damage to the refrigeration system. Ensuring the beneath cabinet drains have slope, and using an effective means too prevent biofilm, helps prevent clogs and ensures proper functioning of the drains.

Gel-clear Ltd Celebrates A Decade in the HVACR Drainage Business

Local food and retail drainage experts, Gel-Clear, celebrated their 10th business anniversary in Darwen on the 17th of September 2022. They will host a celebration for industry guests and customers on the 29th of September. The celebration will take place at Astley Bank Hotel and Conference Centre and include a three-course meal, party, and disco with X factor finalist, “Bupsy’ performing a Tina Turner tribute.
The owner of Gel-Clear discovered a company with a patented solution for biofilms in nuclear bunker drinking water tanks. He partnered with them to create a tablet-based solution and formed Gel-Clear Ltd in 2012. …

‘Skills Shortage Tsunami’ Is Hitting the HVACR Industry

The youngest baby boomers are now in their late 50s, and many are starting to eye retirement. This is hitting the HVACR industry particularly hard, as these older technicians have a vast amount of knowledge, which they will take with them when they retire. In addition, there are simply not enough younger workers interested in pursuing a career in HVACR to take their place.
The labor shortage has been an ongoing problem in the HVACR industry for decades, but with the impending wave of retirements, it will likely get worse in the coming years. This may lead …

New Product Launch

New to market foaming condensate drain cleaner

Gel-clear are proud to launch the industries first non-hazardous drain cleaner for HVACR condensate drains. A safe alternative to acid/alkaline/caustic cleaners, it is formulated to kill biofilm forming bacteria in the overground condensate drains while cleaning and unblocking drains.

Condensate drains beneath the cabinet have always escaped the reach of conventional drain cleaning methods, all too often engineers will use caustic/acid/alkaline based drain cleaners as a last resort, and at risk to both themselves and the equipment they work on. The need for an appropriate …

Si-1931 + Gel-clear tablet: five reasons to prevent the formation of biofilm in supermarket aisles

The refrigerated display cabinets found in supermarket chilled and frozen food aisles produce large amounts of condensate which, if not managed properly, can cause a number of serious issues.

In 2018, building on a 40-year track record in condensate removal technology, Sauermann teamed up with Gel-clear, one of the leading names in the industry, to launch a new solution that offers optimal protection against biofilm: the leading cause of breakdowns and accidents in chilled food aisles.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a naturally occurring substance and the main cause of fouling in condensate removal pumps and pipes. Biofilm will always develop unless steps …

Sauermann and Gel-clear Join Forces to Prevent Refrigeration Biofilm

Sauermann, a global leader in condensate removal pumps, and Gel-clear, a UK-based company that produces tablets that prevent the formation of refrigeration biofilm, are pleased to be partnering to offer a superior Si-93 pump solution.

Biofilm is a bacteria that often forms and is a well-known problem in supermarket refrigerated-display cabinets. It can cause costly leaking.

The combination of Sauermann`s Si-93 membrane pump and Gel-clear`s anti-biofilm tablet provides a winning solution for store owners and customers that can significantly reduce their leaking liabilities by nearly 100 percent.

The partnership between Sauermann and Gel-clear for this product was cemented during Chillventa in Germany.

¨Sauermann Group …

Gel-clear launch in Germany

Multi-award winning Gel-clear tablet prevents formation of biofilm in supermarket chillers and reduces condensate leakages and maintenance costs by 90-95% on average.

Gel-clear extend lifespan

Gel-clear announced the launch of their new extended life tablet as the 15/6/17. The change aims to bring consistency and simplicity for installers PPM operatives, and reactive maintenance engineers.

Managing director Paurick Gaughan said:
“Our one-year tablet has always achieved fantastic results, case studies have always proven a reduction in water leak call-outs between 90-100%. Our tablet is installed by a range of people from refrigeration engineers to case cleaning technicians, we appreciate case designs differ, operational use varies, we know placing the tablets as directed is not always possible, in light of this, we have increased the tablets lifespan by 40%. …

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