Drain Guard from Gel-clear – saving time and taking the headaches out of cabinet cleaning

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Refrigeration cleaning and drainage specialist Gel-clear has introduced
the Drain Guard universal drain cover, a flexible magnetic guard to stop
debris getting in to the cabinet plumbing during cleaning.
The Guard has been designed after extensive testing to save time on
the job and provide a better alternative to conventional drain bungs and

Drain Guard universal drain cover
The fact that it is both flexible and magnetic means that it will fit to any
cabinet pan profile, to stop debris getting in, but is also easy to handle
when wearing rubber gloves. The clever device will also provide an airtight
seal to allow the drain to be aqua-vacced during deep cleans
without any risk of it being sucked in.
The Drain Guard is a 125 mm-diameter disc constructed from flexible
plastic. It is bright orange, so it is unlikely to get accidentally left on the
drain when cleaning is finished, and it is reusable over and over again.
The Drain Guard is the latest in a series of simple-but-effective
accessories from Gel-clear designed to save time and take the
headaches out of routine maintenance tasks. Because the company has
an intimate knowledge of the practical challenges of maintenance,
cleaning and drainage, it is developing products for specific jobs, in a bid
to make life easier for maintenance specialists and the stores who
depend on them.
Gel-clear built its reputation on the biofilm prevention tablets that bear its
name, but now offers a whole range of products for maintenance tasks,
ranging from pan and coil cleaners to pipe seats, which create the
optimum angle for effective drainage.
Made in the UK Gel-clear products are designed for use anywhere
where cleaning and maintenance is required.
Gel-clear managing director Paurick Gaughan said: “Cabinet cleaning
and maintenance is an area that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, so we have taken a deeper look at the issues – whether it is safety,
effectiveness or ease-of-use – and developed a range of products to
meet the challenges.”


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