The Ripple Effect: How Poor Drainage Installation Impacts Maintenance Costs and Retail Prices

The Ripple Effect: How Poor Drainage Installation Impacts Maintenance Costs and Retail Prices

In the intricate web of factors influencing retail operations, one often overlooked aspect is the drainage system. Yet, the impact of a poorly installed drainage system can ripple through every facet of a retail establishment, ultimately affecting the price of goods sold. From increased maintenance expenses to compromised infrastructure, the consequences are far-reaching and costly.
When it comes to drainage systems, proper installation is paramount. Inadequate planning or shortcuts during installation can lead to a myriad of problems down the line. One of the most immediate issues is drain blockage, which not …

Future-Proof Your Cabinet Drainage with Gel-clear: Say Goodbye to Maintenance Headaches!

Are you tired of constantly dealing with maintenance issues and reactive callouts for your cabinet drainage systems? It’s time to upgrade to Gel-clear and revolutionize the way you manage drainage. With Gel-clear, you can significantly reduce future reactive maintenance callouts by an impressive 2/3rds, ensuring smooth operations and cost savings in the long run.

Here’s why Gel-clear is your ultimate solution:

EN12056 Compliance: Our overground drainage installations strictly adhere to the building regulation EN12056 standard, guaranteeing compliance and minimizing blockages and water leaks.

Easy Maintenance: Gel-clear systems are designed with convenience in mind. Featuring service swingout connections, crush and kink-proof discharge hoses, and …

Hot Gas Loop Corrosion?

Integral chiller cabinets have some apparent advantages over remotes, evaporative drainage is one of them, and using a hot gas loop seems a brilliant idea, but is it?
With many customers finding corrosion on the gas vaporiser pipe in condensate
evaporator trays, it’s logical to assume it’s the cleaning products being used, but is this
true? The same corrosion was found on cabinets less than a year old, that had never
been cleaned, so how can you account for corrosion on copper that has never seen a
cleaning product?
The well documented fact is, condensate water …

The Importance of Condensate Pump discharge hose: Avoiding Damage and Ensuring Efficiency

The discharge hose is a crucial link in the condensate pump system. It carries the removed water from the appliance to a suitable drainage location. It’s essential that the hose remains free of any obstructions or restrictions to ensure the smooth flow of water.
Condensate pumps play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and functionality of chiller cabinets when gravity is not available. These simple devices, have unjustly earned a poor reputation in the food retail environment. In this article, we look at some of the reasons.
Understanding Condensate Pumps
Condensate pumps serve …

RAC Cooling Awards Shortlisted Finalist 2023!

We are delighted to have been shortlisted as a finalist for the 2023 RAC Cooling Industry Award.
As a company, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to refrigeration contractors and retailers in the food industry, focusing on delivering top-notch solutions for drainage efficiency. Our commitment stems from recognising the unique challenges and requirements faced by refrigeration contractors in this dynamic and demanding sector.
At Gelclear, we understand the critical role that condensate drainage plays in ensuring food safety, optimising energy efficiency, and complying with evolving regulations. We strive to be a reliable …

Managing Maintenance Costs in Supermarket Refrigeration Drains

The Significance of Refrigeration Drain Maintenance:

Preventing Blockage – Refrigeration drains are susceptible to clogs caused by debris, sediment, and biofilm. These blockages lead to water backup, leakage, and potential damage to the refrigeration system. Ensuring the beneath cabinet drains have slope, and using an effective means too prevent biofilm, helps prevent clogs and ensures proper functioning of the drains.

Gel-clear Starts Remanufacturing Pumps

Dairy cabinet pumps, constructed with stainless steel, are designed for long-term durability and have a significantly longer service life compared to pumps made of other materials.
However, when a simple component failure occurs, these pumps are often discarded instead of being repaired or remanufactured. This is where remanufacturing comes in, offering significant advantages in waste reduction.
Remanufacturing extends the lifespan of used products through repair and upgrades, reducing the need for new manufacturing and minimising waste generation. By reusing and refurbishing existing products like dairy cabinet pumps, valuable resources such as energy and water are conserved, leading to a decrease in the …

The problem with cabinet drains…

When you step into a supermarket, you expect a cool, comfortable environment with fresh food on display. However, have you ever noticed water pooling on the floor near the chiller cabinets or the black and yellow absorbent strips? This is likely due to condensate drains that are not functioning correctly.

Condensate drains play a critical role in chiller cabinets in supermarkets by removing the moisture that builds up from the cooling process. However, if these drains become blocked, they can cause numerous problems. One of the most common issues is the buildup …

The Importance of Compliance and Maintenance of HVACR Drainage in Food Retail

Recent events have brought refrigeration drainage issues into the spotlight, highlighting the need for proper maintenance, compliance with health and safety standards, and liability. This article explores the compliance standards and legislation governing HVACR drainage in food retail.

Compliance Standards and Regulations

Compliance standards ensure the health and safety, welfare, and convenience of a building’s occupants while conserving energy.
The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 Reg 12, The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (HSW Act), The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 are the main legislation used in the event of a Health and Safety …

Condensate Hose With A Twist….

Gel-clears latest innovation is a failsafe condensate hose that is completely, crush, and kink resistant! and has proven to be a hit with installers.
32 year veteran HVAC engineer Lawrence said -” A lot of the pump failures I attend are caused by flat or kinked hose blocking the discharge till it burns the pump out”, “This stuff definitely fixes that problem”

The secret to the pipes rigid structure is a twisted wire helix running through the pvc hose. Gel-clear Director – Paurick Gaughan said “This hose construction is often used in high …

Si-1931 + Gel-clear tablet: five reasons to prevent the formation of biofilm in supermarket aisles

The refrigerated display cabinets found in supermarket chilled and frozen food aisles produce large amounts of condensate which, if not managed properly, can cause a number of serious issues.

In 2018, building on a 40-year track record in condensate removal technology, Sauermann teamed up with Gel-clear, one of the leading names in the industry, to launch a new solution that offers optimal protection against biofilm: the leading cause of breakdowns and accidents in chilled food aisles.

Five reasons why our Si-1931 + Gel-clear tablet pack gives …

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