What has Muhammad Ali got to do with Gel-clear tablets?

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Well, quite a lot, and I’ll tell you. I loved watching Ali as a kid, on a business trip to Las Vegas some years ago, I couldn’t pass the opportunity to sit in his booth at the Golden Steer Steakhouse, one of his haunts back in the day, along with Elvis, Marilyn, and Joe DiMaggio https://www.goldensteerlasvegas.com I would strongly recommend a visit if you’re there, any steak is brilliant, but get the Caesar salad before it, that’s a must.

I convinced the guy I was meeting to have dinner there, and we booked Muhammad’s booth for our meal, it was this fact alone that prompted a friend of my American business acquaintance, to come along as a guest for what looked a good night. This chance meeting landed in the middle of a research and development project I was doing with the Sauermann Group studying biofilm in food retail refrigeration, and how to stop it. I was introduced to Mike Chaplar and we immediately hit it off, our conversation quickly led to the R&D topic and that’s where things took a dramatic and fantastic change of direction.

Muhammad Ali's booth in the Golden Steer Las Vegas

For 2 years I had been looking at physical and metallurgical solutions to biofilm in drains. Having found the available chemical solutions lacking in this area, it was the logical direction. We were trying ozone generators, nano-particles, and some new alternative chemical treatments at the time. Mike was the VP of Unit Chemical Corp in Henderson Nevada, he quickly told me how he could help. Unit was a long-established company, with a history of firsts in industrial water treatment products. http://www.unitchemical.com/index.html

Unit Chemical Corp HQ - Henderson Nevada

Unit was a leading developer of environmentally sound chemicals and had developed a really clever coating technique for water vessels, this was for water tanks in nuclear bunkers to prevent microbial growth, and found other broader applications in water tanks in the transport industry.

It was here we started to develop the Gel-clear tablet, a simple, safe tablet that would protect a chiller for one full year to prevent biofilm. Using the unique concept of coating the drains in an antimicrobial layer, we found it perfectly suited to the long dispersive route of condensate wastewater, and the many different drainage configurations used in food retail, a problem no other product had overcome. Within 2 years we had a tried and tested the market-ready product, we took it to market without a sales team or wholesaler supporting us, we just offered free trials, let the end-user decide. Consistently delivering a 90-100% reduction in blocked condensate drains, Gel-clear quickly became the leading condensate drain treatment in the UK, and the rest as they say……is history!

Find out more at www.gel-clear.co.uk.

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