Wax Strips or Gel-clear tablets?

Wax Strips or Gel-clear tablets?

I still get asked to compare Gel-clear tablets to other products on the market, along the lines of ‘What’s the difference between the tablets and x?”.
It’s best to start with some simple, basic facts, and then move onto some that are not so simple. But they are facts, that need to be understood.
There are a couple of un-contestable constants like gravity, and velocity- these are both important factors in cabinet condensate drainage.

The smooth movement of water from point A to point B is the key to good drainage – smooth surfaces reduce friction; …

Si-1931 + Gel-clear tablet: five reasons to prevent the formation of biofilm in supermarket aisles

The refrigerated display cabinets found in supermarket chilled and frozen food aisles produce large amounts of condensate which, if not managed properly, can cause a number of serious issues.

In 2018, building on a 40-year track record in condensate removal technology, Sauermann teamed up with Gel-clear, one of the leading names in the industry, to launch a new solution that offers optimal protection against biofilm: the leading cause of breakdowns and accidents in chilled food aisles.

What is biofilm?

Biofilm is a naturally occurring substance and the main cause of fouling in condensate removal pumps and pipes. Biofilm will always develop unless steps …

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