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Analysing and evaluating

Retailer ‘B’, Gel-clear free trial on problem store.

“The proof of the pudding is in the eating”

This is said to mean that you can only judge the quality of something after you have tried, used or experienced it.


Water leaks on supermarket chillers.

The cost impact of a blocked condensate is as follows:

  1. Engineer call out

2. Absorbent strip

3. Damage to the unit

4. Staff cost to manage

5. Slips and trips claims

6. Customer perception

Using the first two only, as these costs are easily measured.

  1. Engineer call out.
  2. Absorbent strip

The call outs before, and after the installation of Gel-clear tablets were recorded.

All data used is from a live client site on a major U.K. retailers’ store.

Before using Gel-clear, the average annual spend on absorbent strips for the branch was £2400.

Assuming a modest estimate of £250 per call out.

And calculating the pro-rata strip cost at £38.30 per call out.

We can use £288.30 as a model cost per call out.

The store recorded…

62.5 call outs in the year before using Gel-clear, costing: £1,505.56 per month, or £18,066.80 for the year.

After installing Gel-clear, 1 reactive call out was recorded by the client.

£18,066.80 before, dropped to £283.30 after installing Gel-clear tablets in the chillers.

A 98% reduction in call outs!

A 1325% return on investment.

The tablets paying for themselves within the first month.

That’s an annual saving on call outs during the trial of £17,783.50

Cost neutral within 4 weeks. Measurable results.

All data from clients’ FM log.

Simple, effective, proven.

Condensate drain tablets.

Now with a money-back guarantee.


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