Time to start using Gel-clear

Time to start using Gel-clear

In this video you will see a manhole chamber and drains, the store is continually suffering from blockages and case leaks. Despite using a strip in the pan coupled with a coil disinfectant and drain unblocker. These are the very issues our product tackles, perhaps it’s time to start using Gel-clear.


Gel-clear Testimonial

Trial success for KB Refrigeration


Gel-clear Ltd completed a successful 6 month trial with a 100% reduction in call-outs for water leaks.

The trial at Co-op Helensburgh is the latest in a series of successful product trials for major retailers. The trial involved KB engineers placing a Gel-clear tablet in each case during the deep clean. The branch, with a history of consistent jelly related leaks, showed an immediate stop in leaks. Over the observed period of 6 months since the installation, not one call out for leaking display cases has been reported at the branch.

UK Commercial Director, Paurick Gaughan – ” …

Jelly Blocking Case

Here is a video of an alternative product, wax strips, usually used for air conditioning units, being used in a food chiller.
The strips have clearly stopped working and the case plumbing is blocked with jelly.


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