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The tough, stainless steel construction of these pumps makes them ideal for removing condensate water from cold-rooms. The CSP700 mounted on a cold room wall, will withstand bumps and knocks from stock traffic back of house, remaining accessible for service and maintenance.

The Gel-clear CSP700 Cold Room pump is a high performance stainless steel condensate pump. The pump is a reliable choice for walk in cold rooms and freezers, with class leading statistics.
The wall mounted pump fixes with two side mounted lugs for hanging, and is capable of pumping up to 700 litres per hour with a 23 metre head, it outperforms and outlasts its competitors.

All-in-One Installation Kit: Our condensate pumps come complete with a full installation and testing kit. This means you get everything you need for a seamless setup process, saving you time and effort. No more hunting for individual components – we’ve got you covered!
Enhanced Leak Detection: We provide drain testing dye to detect even the tiniest water leaks, ensuring your installations are watertight. This attention to detail can prevent potential headaches down the road and help maintain the integrity of your systems.
Silicon Grease Sachet: Applying seals has never been easier! Our silicon grease sachet facilitates smooth and effective seal application, further enhancing the longevity of your installations.
Biofilm protection: The pump is supplied with a One year condensate drain tablet for the prevention of biofilm.

• Ideal for cold rooms in supermarkets and convenience stores.
• Robust impact resistant stainless steel construction.
• Serves up to 6 evaporator units.
• 1/2″ barbed hose tail.
• Multiple inlet options (top or side).
• Power & alarm cables pre-fitted.
• High discharge 700 LPH.
• High lift 23 metres.
• IP 44 rated sealed electric box.
• 2 year warranty.

The CSP700 has an optional failsafe arrangement, an overflow reservoir in the event of pump failure, allowing a 24hr window of water collection without water leaking on the floor! contact us for more details.

Vertical Cold Room Condensate Pump (CSP700)

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Weight 5.05 kg
Dimensions 26 × 62 × 9 cm

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