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Refrigerated Cabinet Condensate Pump



Specially designed to handle condensate from supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, the Si-1931 pump also offers a proven solution against the formation of biofilm with its Gel-Clear tablet. The compact design of the pump facilitates installation under low-slung display cabinets.

The refrigerated display cabinets found in supermarket chilled and frozen food aisles produce large amounts of condensate which, if not managed properly, can cause a number of serious issues.

In 2018, building on a 40-year track record in condensate removal technology, Sauermann teamed up with Gel-clear, one of the leading names in the industry, to launch a new solution that offers optimal protection against biofilm: the leading cause of breakdowns and accidents in chilled food aisles.

Five reasons why our Si-1931 + Gel-clear tablet pack gives you peace of mind

  1. Avoid operational downtime:Once you’ve spotted biofilm, it’s already too late! it will grow and block the drains, causing water to leak out onto the sales floor. You need to switch off the cooling unit and deep-clean the drainage  system. Sometimes, you even have to replace the pumps, as biofilm is the primary cause of condensate pump failure. In short, biofilm can shut down an entire supermarket aisle for several days!
  2. Reduce maintenance requirements:The Gel-clear tablet significantly extends the lifespan of the pump. Replacing the tablet every six months or every year – depending on climate conditions and the size of the refrigerated display cabinet – limits maintenance to quick, routine, low-cost tasks. Our solution can save millions of pounds a year in maintenance costs for a supermarket with a dozen or so refrigerated units – since up to 30% of maintenance call-outs relate to biofilm.
  3. Prevent accidents:Our Si-1931 + Gel-clear solution reduces condensate leaks in chilled and frozen food aisles by 95%. These leaks, which are almost always caused by biofilm, can pose a hazard to customers, since the viscous substance makes the liquid more slippery. In January 2020, a major supermarket chain was fined over £700,000 for breaching regulations after a customer slipped on liquid that had leaked from a refrigerated display cabinet. And guess what caused the leak? Yes: biofilm!
  4. Choose ease and simplicity:At just 8 cm high, the Si-1931 pump’s slimline profile means its slides seamlessly under supermarket refrigerated display cabinets. What’s more, with its easy-open cover and single debris filter, it’s effortless to clean. The Gel-clear solution comes in the form of a simple tablet that can be inserted and replaced while the unit is in operation. Sauermann opted to partner with Gel-clear for its award-winning credentials, with the solution having scooped two major industry awards: the RAC Cooling Industry Product of the Year 2016 and the HIVE Innovation Award 2017. Each tablet can keep condensate removal pipes blockage-free for up to one year.
  5. Opt for a long-lasting, non-aggressive solution:The Si-1931 pump is made entirely from stainless steel to protect it against corrosion. The Gel-clear tablet is also certified non-corrosive for metal and non-aggressive for condensate removal pumps. The solution is entirely water-soluble, leaving no residue that needs to be cleaned off during maintenance. The Gel-clear formula is approved by public health and safety organisation NSF International for use in food preparation zones, preventing the spread of bacteria and unpleasant odours.

That’s why our Si-1931 has won over some of the biggest supermarket chains, including in Australia, where its proven performance is highlighted in a case study by Kirby.

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