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Ice-clean Concentrate is a non-hazardous ice machine cleaner & sanitiser. The new concentrate range is the first choice for protection, performance and value; it’s NSF safe to use in food preparation areas and complies with BS EN 1267 & BS EN 1650.


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In a post pandemic point of sale, cleanliness standards are everything. An annual descaling of ice machines is insufficient to prevent the growth of biofilms in the machine, only regular sanitising can ensure a high level of cleanliness, safety, and peace of mind.

Ice-clean is more than just a cleaner – it prevents microbial corrosion, improves efficiency and offers incredible cost savings when compared to more ordinary alternatives.

Ice-clean is

• Safe to use in food preparation areas – NSF Registered under Nonfood Compounds D2.

• Effective against bacteria, mould, fungi & viruses, including Human Coronavirus.

• Complies with BS EN 1267 & BS EN 1650

• And using the ‘Gel-clear’ long lasting antibacterial coating, Ice-clean provides long lasting antibacterial protection, remaining long after cleaning.

Simple to use, just add the bottle to your machines self cleaning cycle, and you are rest assured of the highest level of disinfection of your ice machine, that outlasts anything on the market.

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