HVACR Case & Fascia Cleaner 750ml

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HVAC Case & Fascia Cleaner

  • Using Natural Citrus Solvents
  • Powerful Formula removes soil, stains, grime, grease, oil and fingermarks in seconds
  • Long Lasting Fresh Citrus Fragrance
  • Non-Hazardous



Gel-clear bring you a powerful cleaner, for removing grime, grease, oil, stains, soil & fingermarks….leaving a powerful Citrus Burst fragrance.

Using naturally occurring citrus solvents, Gel-clear Case & Fascia cleaner is a non-hazardous, safe to use cleaner, with zero COSHH controls required. Safe to use in a live trading environment, office, schools or hospitals, specially formulated to obliterate dirt with ease, for a faster and fresher clean.

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