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Gel-clear Green strips are a multi purpose product for keeping the airflow smelling fresh, and the drains clear in wall mounted AC units, preventing biofilms that allow bacteria and odours to survive.


Gel-clear Green Condensate drain strips are like nothing else on the market, a multi functional natural solution using natures biocide. It is a purpose developed air freshener/condensate drain strip for wall mounts, continuously releasing Tea Tree Oil molecules.

Effective for 6 months, Gel-clear Green condensate drain strips are a combined air-freshener with a natural approach to blocked condensate case drains. Preventing biofilm and foul odours from the drain pan. Gel-clear Green is safe and simple to use leaving a fresh, pleasant fragrance for its entire lifespan. Gel-clear Green is 100% water soluble & safe to use with all types of condensate pumps without damaging the delicate, and sensitive components.


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