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Clears condensate drain lines with a blast

GG02 Blockblaster Drain Line Cleaner is a lightweight, portable tool with flexible hose, cone shaped tube end seal, safety catch and CO₂ release trigger, designed to unblock a condensate drain line and other pipework. Comes in a handy carry case with 3 Co2 Cartridges,

Product Details:-

A lightweight, portable tool designed to blow out condensate drain lines instantly.
Simply insert a CO2 cartridge into the Gallo Gun and with a press of the trigger SWOOSH! 800 psi of food grade air clears the line.
Small & Lightweight – The Gallo Gun packs cleaning power into a small, lightweight package. This prevents the need for carrying heavy air or nitrogen tanks.
Air Power – The Gallo Gun uses CO2 eliminating the mess caused by water back-flushing drain lines.
Environmentally Friendly – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is a common component of air, and so is totally safe.
The Gallo Gun is a wonderful alternative to the environmentally unfriendly practice of using refrigerant to clean the drain line.
Flexible Hose Assembly – The flexible hose assembly enables you to manoeuvre through cabinets, coils and hard to reach drains.

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