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Gel-clear Suction pressure for condensate drain clearing.

Ideal for removing blockages in the condensate drains, the ‘Push-pull’ movement. Less aggressive than kinetic shock unblockers, it wont blow off compression joints or cause a dirty water splashback in a food area.
The primary cause of condensate blockages is biofilms, the thick slimy, jelly like substance. Slow, even, steady pressure moves the mass down the drain line to the sewer in a method suitable for refrigerated food display cabinets.
Acids, and strong Alkaline cleaners should NEVER be used in overground condensate drains, (BSEN12056 @:2000), Always check the no-one has used acids on the drain before you start work to clear the drain, this will possibly damage the plunger, but definitely damage you is you make contact with it.
Check our Youtube channel for ‘How to’ guides.

400mm long, 80mm wide, weight – 360 grams

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Weight .4 kg
Dimensions 50 × 14 × 14 cm
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