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Gel-clear 6 Pack Micro-tabs

Gel-clear Micro-tabs are designed for residential splits and tank pumps preventing biofilm blockages and improving efficiency.

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Gel-clear Micro-tabs are designed for residential splits and tank pumps preventing biofilm blockages and improving efficiency.

Effective for 3 months, Micro-tabs stop water leaks, reduce risks, reduce maintenance costs and reduce operating costs. Approved by the worlds largest condensate pump manufacturers, Gel-clear leaves a coating on all the drains and the pump, protecting the pump from biofouling, the biggest cause of pump failure.

One tablet placed below the coil in the condensate pan of each unit guarantees protection from blocked condensate drains for up to 3 months.

AC-03 Condensate Drain Micro Tablet

Product information sheet and instruction for use.
6 pack of tablets

Description;……….Solid disc shaped tablet (Mixture) 3g
Product code;……..AC-03
Use;………………..Slow release A/C condensate drain pan cleaner/treatment
Ecology;……………Not considered harmful to aquatic organisms not to cause long term adverse effects
in the environment.
AC-03 tablets are a ready to use product for the prevention of biofilm in wall mounted AC units and condensate
pumps. Preventing the biofilms allow bacteria and odours to survive.
Gel-clear tablets are specially formulated to slow release into the condensate waste water and coat all surfaces
with a protective film remaining effective for long periods once the tablet itself has dissolved. The tablets are
100% water soluble leaving no residue. The tablets disrupt microbial behaviour preventing the secretion of
NSF registered for use in food areas.
Easy to install.
Prevents odours.
Approved for use with condensate pumps.
Protects the unit and condensate pumps from biofouling and corrosion. (MIC/White rust)
Before starting any work on a HVAC condensate drain pan, we recommend the correct PPE be worn.
Ensure all drains are flowing with no blockages.
Place tablet in condensate drain pan ensuring it is in contact with the water!
Placing the tablet far from the drain outlet near the coil. Tablets can be installed at any time. It is normal for the
slow release tablet to dissolve completely….this is not the end of the tablets life! Gel-clears patented formula,
coats everything it comes into contact with while the tablet is dissolving, remaining effective long after the tablet
has disappeared! The coating protects the drains right out to the highway.
Do not eat or drink when using Gel-clear
Wear gloves and eye protection when handling
IF ON SKIN – Wash with plenty of water, if irritation occurs, seek medical advice
IF IN EYES – Rinse with water for several minutes, if irritation occurs, seek medical advice.
Dispose of unused contents in accordance with national regulations, see SDS
Please contact office for SDS or download from
Gel-clear Ltd, 145 Bolton Rd, Darwen, Lancs, BB3 1DF.
0844 330 3643

Download Safety Data Sheet

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