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Float Switch for condensate pump


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Float switch – FS700
The FS700 water level sensor, used to detect the level of liquid within the condensate pump. The switch may be used to control the pump, or to control the high level alarm..
The float switch is suitable for the Gel-clear UCP700 supermarket condensate pump, and most market stainless steel type condensate pumps.
A compact, horizontally mounted float switch which can be configured as a normally-open or normally-closed switch simply by rotating it through 180°. When the water level reaches the float, the float moves and an internal magnet activates a sealed reed relay in the device. The sensor is supplied pre-wired with flying output leads.

Colour: black
M12 thread
300mm leads
Material: PP
Contract rating (Max):10W
Switching voltage (Max):220VDC
Temperature range: -20 °C~ +80 °C

Additional information

Weight .03 kg
Dimensions 15 × 3 × 3 cm
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