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Refrigeration cabinet evaporator coil disinfectant cleaner.


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Upgrade your refrigeration maintenance game with Eco-clear – the perfect pre-cleaner for Gel-clear tablets. Developed with contractors in mind, Eco-clear is non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and 10 times more concentrated than any other cleaner on the market. By coating your evaporator coil with award-winning Gel-clear nano-technology, Eco-clear kills airborne bacteria on contact and improves coil efficiency. This means a cleaner, healthier, and more efficient refrigeration system. Plus, Eco-clear helps you reduce hazardous chemicals entering the watercourse during deep cleans, and reduces plastic packaging waste with its 100 ml pouches that make 8 litres of finished cleaner. Join the Carbon Trust’s Refrigeration Roadmap and experience the power of concentrated cleaning with Eco-clear and Gel-clear!

The Carbon Trusts Refrigeration Roadmap identifies cleaning & maintenance as the area for the biggest energy savings in the cold chain, Eco-clear was developed to improve the long term condition of the coil, keeping it cleaner for longer. Improving coil efficiency and reducing bacterial contamination is only part of Eco-clears broader function, used during the deep clean, Eco-clear conditions the coil, pan and drains, removing microscopic attached biofilms, and coating all surfaces, acting as a conditioner for the installation of Gel-clear tablets, improving the effect.


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Weight .110 kg
Dimensions 16 × 8 × 3 cm

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