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£89.99 excl. tax


We decided to make our own pump sprayer, specifically for HVACR contractors. An all stainless steel pump, with airline grade hose and trigger, it is designed to meet the high standards contractors need, with robust construction that is built to last. We sell the sprayer with a 3 year warranty for total peace of mind.

Working pressure of 55 psi

Pressure relief valve

‘Air inlet’ valve for charging with a compressor

Heavy duty braided adjustable carry strap

Working pressure gauge displaying KPA/PSI level

High pressure braided hose

Stainless steel crimped hose fixings

Adjustable stainless steel nozzle.


It’s built to last.

Pump-sprayer-instructions-.pdf (75 downloads)   Pump-sprayer-TDS-2.pdf (54 downloads)

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