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When a puddle of water is coming from under the cabinet, it could be a couple of things……ice thawing….sweating…or a blocked drain. You can find out which one it is in seconds using the drain dye.

Put a 25 ml shot of dye into the drain pan and wash it down with 5 litres of water…..if your puddle doesnt turn green…you can quickly rule out the drains.

Simple to use, the dye is super concentrated and one bottle is able to treat 1000 litres of water a luminous green.

The dye is also UV sensitive, meaning even the slightest weeping on a loose connector can be identified using a UV torch. (UV torches sold separately)

Gel-clear’s condensate drain dye is an ideal tool in HVAC/R PPM or deep cleans, and one shot down the drain on completion can ensure that the drain remains flowing and fit for purpose.

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