‘Gel-clear’ Bluetooth Music Headlight Beannie (BTB02)

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‘Gel-clear’ Branded Bluetooth LED headlight Beannie


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Hands free headlight beannie hat for engineers, a lifesaver for the dark winter nights poking around in a plant room looking for gas bottles, or a late night call out on a roof top plant in a force 10 gale. Keeps the lugs warm and the heat in,  with a built in bright rechargeable LED light that comes with a  USB recharging lead, so it can recharge in the van.

Not like your common garden LED headlight beannie……this one has bluetooth calling from your phone, once connected, you can answer calls from your hat, hands free for driving, and even listen to your music through the two speakers built into the hat. Next level winter head gear from the HVACR speacialists….Gel-clear.

Additional information

Weight .130 kg
Dimensions 21 × 20 × 4 cm
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