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Condensate pumpsĀ  are often used as an alternative to gravity drainage, yet ironically, they depend on gravity drainage to feed them. Condensate drains laid flat on the floor lie below the the pumps float switch, meaning as the pump fills with waste water, so do the drains. 1.2 litres for every 1 metre of flat drain. The additional load is beyond what the pump is designed to cope with, often 2-3 litre drink cycle can become a 12-16 litre drink cycle. This reduces the pumps lifespan.
Study revealed that most condensate pump failures have very little to do with the pumps physical ability, but more to do with the installation and operational circumstances. The 3 main reasons for pump failure being biofilm blockage, discharge line kink/block, and overloaded drink cycle.

All of these issues are resolved with the bio-beta pump kit. It is a complete installation package in a box. The pump comes with a 5 year warranty, and the kit includes;

BB-UCP700 condensate pump – comes with a 5 year warranty when used as part of the system

500mm flexible connector – for easy swing out servicing

Discharge hose 30 mtr – with factory fitted quick release barb

Discharge drain connector (CPH17) – to prevent pipe kink and backwash leaks

Condensate drain support twin pack (APC19) – to raise the condensate drains above the pumps float level.

The system has proven to reduce condensate pump failure rates by over 90%, increasing the pumps life cycle, and reducing operating costs. Developed in association with the UCLAN Innovation Clinic, the bio-beta system resolves the issues that destroy condensate pumps in food retail.

The complete pump kit ensures BSEN12056 compliance of the installation, the discharge drain connector having its own air intake valve, while preventing pipe kinks, and backwash leaks from the discharge connection, easy to use, industry standard fitting.

The condensate drain supports ensure the gravity drains running into the pump comply with regulations, bringing the necessary 19mm per metre slope to ensure self cleaning velocity, while keeping the pumps drink cycle within its designed limits.

The bio-beta kit has three industry awards for products, and as a kit, Highly Commended by the judges of the RAC Cooling Awards for improving efficiency in food retail condensate waste water management.

UCP700-Condensate-pump.pdf BIO-BETA PUMP KIT -booklet-.pdf

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