‘Bio-Cote’ 32mm Solvent Weld Pipe (BB-WS12W32)

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3 metre pipe length, 32mm solvent weld pipe.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology
From a microbiological point of view, what’s happening beyond the cabinet has proven to be of considerable importance. Biofilms are the leading cause of blocked condensate drains, products containing Biocote® have been independently proven to reduce over 99% of microbes. Benefits of this include:

Extends the lifetime of products – By preventing microbes such as mould that can cause material degradation from negatively impacting product performance
Reduces smells and blockages – Biocote® protects against bacteria and mould that can cause foul odours and blockages within waste system
More hygienic – Biocote® technology consistently acts to prevent the accumulation of bacteria in the waste system
Provides permanent protection – Integrated during the manufacturing stage, Biocote® doesn’t wash away or wear off
BioCote® Technology supported by real life data
BioCote® protected Polypipe products are supported by regular and robust quality control testing data, however they don’t just perform in the laboratory, they also perform in real life.

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