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Gel-clear brand wall Mounted  AC Cleaning Protector Bag Large size with Water Pipe.  Easy to assemble and use again and again, premium quality, comes in an easy storage carry bag. Side supports make the bag easy to use, with front protection see through panels.


  • 【Waterproof Design】The waterproof layer of the cleaning bag is made of high-grade jacquard fabric, which is practical and good-looking. With tight stitches to the sealing strip, this cleaning cover is durable and of high quality.
  • 【Full Protection】With a large piece of waterproof curtain and three small pieces of waterproof films, the air conditioner cleaning cover prevents your walls and other places from splashing/splattering of the sewage during the process of cleaning
  • 【Drain Outlet】It’s a good “assistant” for cleaning wall-hanging air conditioner. The air conditioner dust-proof cover is equipped with a water external (drain) outlet and a water pipe to drain the water into a bucket.
  • 【Size】The model SC120 is suitable for 9K to 18K. Size(W*H*L):270*270*1000mm 10.62*10.62*39.37inch
  • 【Compatibility】 The waterproof AC cleaning cover is suitable for air conditioners at home, office, hotel, shop and etc.

Waterproof drawstring carry bag.

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