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Our Story


Our Story by Gel-clear Ltd.

Condensate Drain Tablets.

With over 30 years of experience in food retail drainage maintenance, we learned that most reactive call-outs were for…. Refrigeration Drains. By far the biggest reason for that was blocked condensate drains.

The primary cause of blocked condensate drains is Biofilm Extracellular Polymeric Secretion (EPS). In food retail, the biofilm problem in refrigeration was commonly being treated with chlorine tablets made for air-conditioning units. There was no refrigeration specific product on the market.

So we started research and development…

We had a clear understanding of what was needed;

  • Something that would last for a year
  • Pump safe
  • Food-safe
  • Chlorine free
  • User friendly

and suitable for every drain configuration that retailers used.

In collaboration with a manufacturing partner, a company with a pedigree in environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, we set about developing a solution. After 2 years of product development and trials, we had achieved what we set out to do.

Marketing the tablet was the next challenge. A new company with a new product, approaching a risk averse market, with a complexed stakeholder chain? What could possibly go wrong?

So what could we do?

… we relied on the problem!

We had a proven, effective solution to a problem that wasn’t going anywhere.

The tablet was launched in early 2013, with no publicity, promotion or sales team. We offered a free product trial on our website and before very long, people got in touch.

Selling by trial was slow, each trial taking a year to complete. But it was worth the wait.

We relied on the tablets to sell themselves, and they did. People trialling the product quickly realised its effectiveness, immediate, massive operational cost savings, becoming costs neutral in a matter of weeks, not months.

In 2016 we won the RAC Cooling Award for Refrigeration Product of the Year, and in 2017, we won the HIVE Innovation Award.

In 2018 we were the second finalist for Cooling Business of the Year, and in 2019, we were Highly Commended by judges in the RAC Cooling Industry Awards.

Our tablet is not only a solution that stops blocked condensate drains, but is also helping our customers to achieve broader cost savings, energy savings, increase asset life cycles, and reduce their carbon footprint.

  • Energy consumption
  • Equipment down-time
  • Operating costs
  • Maintenance costs
  • Operational risks
  • Carbon footprint.

In a competitive and cautious market, Gel-clear tablets are currently protecting no less than 150,000 chiller units across the UK and Ireland. Gel-clear tablets are now sold globally in partnership with the Sauermann Group, being successfully used in China, Europe, the USA and Australia for some of the biggest names in the HVACR industry. We continue to develop HVACR drainage solutions, improving efficiency and reducing costs for our customers….Innovating….not imitating.

HVACR drainage is what we do.

HVACR drainage solutions for the food retail cold chain