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Innovative Air-clear launched by award winning Gel-clear Ltd

Innovative Air-clear launched by award winning Gel-clear Ltd

Innovative Air-clear launched by award winning Gel-clear Ltd

RAC Cooling Awards Logo - FinalistInnovative AC market product Air-clear has been launched by award winning company Gel-clear Ltd

Award-winning Gel-clear Ltd, a well-known cleaning products supplier in the commercial refrigeration market, launched an environmental-sensitive innovative cleaning spray product Air-clear to the AC market. As a multi purpose, multi surface, non-hazardous spray product does not contain any substances harmful to the environment and human health, Air-clear seems to bring a new breath to the AC industry.

April 19th, 2018 – Darwen, Lancs, UK After a period of intensive research and product development process, award winning company Gel-clear Ltd has launched it’s new innovative AC market multi purpose cleaning product Air-clear. As holding a HIVE Innovation Award 2017, RAC Cooling Industry Award 2016 and being as 2018 ACR News Awards finalist, Gel-clear Company now focus on serving AC market an innovative cleaning product by supplying value added multi purpose Air-clear.

In response to the demand of the new generation consumers’ preference of AC cleaning products that are environmental friendly and helping reducing carbon emissions on Earth; Gel-clear Company and it’s manufacturer partner’s professional research and product development teams developed Air-clear which prevents harmful components of the biofilms that keep bacteria and smells alive. The surface applied by the product remains effective for up to 3 weeks with it’s anti-bacterial coating.

In his statement, Gel-clear Ltd Director Paurick Gaughan said: “We think our innovative eco and user friendly product can be a solution to the problems of our consumers while supporting less carbon emissions on Earth with it’s special formula as opposed to the other products on the market. We are very pleased to bring such kind of a powerful and harmless product to the AC market where contractors and end users have been demanding for a long time. Now we are very content to receive the feedbacks we have had so far. We are sure this interest towards Air-clean will increase much more over time. We believe it is a very powerful yet environment, human and user friendly product the market has been looking for.”

About Air-clear

Air-clear is a highly effective and non-hazardous spray on multiple surfaces of AC systems having antibacterial special formula eliminates bacteria such as MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, C-Diff, E-Coli on all surfaces, preventing odours fast, up to 300 times faster than conventional antibacterials. Prevents and controls the biofilms that allow bacteria and odours to survive on surfaces. Leaves a surface anti bacterial coating that remains effective for up to 3 weeks. According to the independant performance test results, Air-clear eliminates 99.999% of germs and offers long lasting protection for weeks after use. It can be used multi-surface as cover and grilles, condensate pan and drain, coil fins and filters.

Air-clear’s non-hazardous, water based ready to use powerful formula is safe to use in live operational environments. With it’s less than 1% active ingredient, it is EU BPR compliant, NSF Registered solvent and alcohol free product. There is no noxious fumes or corrosive acids, No COSHH requirements in it. It’s gentle contents as non corrosive spray, does not damage coil efficiency coatings. It’s usage is very practical just spraying and wiping, ready and easy to use, no mixing or dilution is required. Air-clear as a very cost effective product on the market, enables saving on the need to use multiple cleaning products on AC cleaning.

For further information, please Contact:
Name: Paurick Gaughan
Organization: Gel-clear Ltd
Address: 145 Bolton Rd, Darwen, Lancs BB3 1DF
Phone: 0844 330 3643