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Money down the drains? HVACR Maintenance

How can drainage account for up to 30% of reactive maintenance call-outs?

Condensate case plumbing has the highest ratio of drain blockages between the coil and the sewer.

The drainage chain in a gravity system = coil and condensate pan, case plumbing, below ground drains, the main sewer.

Most condensate drain blockages are caused by biofilm EPS growing in the drains, mainly in the overground case plumbing.

It is resistant to cleaning chemicals, so prevention is the only effective cure.

Gel-clear tablets dissolve in the pan.

Coating all the drains from the coil to sewer in an antimicrobial shield preventing biofilm.

Easy to use – just place the tablet in the pan.

One tablet lasts for 1 year.

One tablet per chiller.


Gel-clear, the only condensate drain treatment to work from coil to sewer.

Gel-clear HVACR Drainage

Condensate drain tablets, condensate drain ancillaries, HVACR deep clean, condensate pumps, condensate consulting / surveying.

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