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RAC Cooling Awards Logo - FinalistThe next generation of silver cleaners, Eco-clear is launched to give long-lasting biofilm risk prevention safer, faster, and allergen-free.

Darwen, UK – June 14th, 2018 – Noted as the only hypoallergenic biocide on the market, Eco-clear is launched to safely up the ante on cleaning and maintenance. Created by Gel-clear Ltd. to fill the need for a non-toxic, non- hazardous deep-cleaning product for refrigerated display cases, Eco-clear is aptly named. Indeed, the one-of-a-kind product is environmentally friendly. Not only does it improve air quality while it does its dirty work, but it’s also proven to be fifty-times more effective than what was the latest technology – silver nano-particle cleaners. What used to take twenty-four hours to do, Eco- clear does in sixty seconds. Pump safe, pet safe, and food-safe, now HVACR microbial security is safer, stronger, faster, and more long-lasting while creating a better work environment.

So how does it work? Eco-clear uses a water-based silver ion polymer to distribute its revolutionary long-lasting coating. This coating incorporates the highest level of disinfectant found in the industry. Thus, when applied, the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated in less time. It also requires much less chemical usage as only a fraction of silver ion is required to achieve a much higher level of disinfection. The silver ion-coating utilises electro-static to adhere to surfaces producing a long-lasting anti-microbial shield.

Paurick Gaughan, Managing Director of Gel-clear Ltd., said of the new deep- cleaning disinfectant spray, “Eco-clear is so safe it can even be ingested without risk. We know that’s a powerful statement but, it’s true. We’re also proud to say that It’s more effective than anything on the market including chlorine, and the conventional corrosive, noxious, and in some cases, carcinogenic chemicals that are out there. Eco-clear is a context-specific solution, safe for the user, and safe to use instore during trading, this is becoming more and more important with longer opening hours and shorter maintenance windows.”

Eco-clear has proven highly-effective against MRSA and

About Gel-clear Ltd.:
Gel-clear Ltd. is based in Darwen, UK and supplies the marketplace with antimicrobial treatments for refrigerated display cases. The company’s Gel- clear Drain Tablet is the winner of two industry awards.
Paurick Gaughan
Managing Director, Gel-clear Ltd.
0844 330 3643

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