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HVACR condensate drains require 1:80 fall in order to be functional.

But how often do you see that?

Indoor gravity drainage is subject to Building Regulations Part ‘H’, installed to BS EN 12056:2:2000 standards.

Requiring 18mm per mtr slope, and watertight connection to below ground drains.

Case plumbing laid flat to the floor has always been the conventional way… until now.

The adjustable pipe chair from Gel-clear.

With 90mm adjustable, giving 7.4m range @ 1:80 fall.

Fitted in seconds, it’s a robust and simple retrofit solution to flat case plumbing in food retail refrigeration.

Add gravity!

For gravity or pumped drains.

Brought to you by Gel-clear Ltd. Innovative solutions to condensate waste water management in food retail refrigeration.


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