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Dairy cabinet pumps, constructed with stainless steel, are designed for long-term durability and have a significantly longer service life compared to pumps made of other materials.
However, when a simple component failure occurs, these pumps are often discarded instead of being repaired or remanufactured. This is where remanufacturing comes in, offering significant advantages in waste reduction.
Remanufacturing extends the lifespan of used products through repair and upgrades, reducing the need for new manufacturing and minimising waste generation. By reusing and refurbishing existing products like dairy cabinet pumps, valuable resources such as energy and water are conserved, leading to a decrease in the environmental impact associated with extracting and processing raw materials. Additionally, remanufacturing reduces waste produced during manufacturing operations by utilising existing components and minimising the demand for new parts.

Embracing a circular economy model, remanufacturing promotes the principles of reuse, repair, and remanufacturing, shifting away from the linear “take-make-dispose” approach and fostering a more sustainable and efficient economy. It offers cost-effectiveness for contractors, as remanufactured condensate pumps are more affordable than brand new pumps. This is particularly advantageous for contractors working within tight budgets or seeking to reduce project expenses.
Moreover, remanufactured pumps come with quality assurance. Reputable remanufacturing companies follow stringent processes, disassembling, inspecting, cleaning, and replacing worn or damaged components to ensure the remanufactured pumps function like new. Contractors can have confidence in the reliability and efficiency of these pumps.
Warranty and support are additional benefits of remanufactured pumps. Companies like Gel-clear offer warranties on their remanufactured pump products, providing contractors with peace of mind. They may also provide technical support and assistance with installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.
By adopting Gel-clear’s direct-to-site service exchange model, contractors can benefit from a remanufactured, warrantied pump while the used, failed pump is collected for remanufacturing. Gel-clear also offers substantial trade-in allowances on old pumps for new pump sales.
To discover how Gel-clear can help reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and increase sustainability in your supply chain, get in touch with them today.

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