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How many times have you seen the yellow warning signs cautioning customers of slips, drips and falls from condensate water leakages, turning supermarket floors into a slippery glissade? Creative but desperate attempts of supermarket owners to counter these leakages with more or less efficient absorption methods seem almost comical – paper tissues neatly folded under the chillers, rags and rugs and everything under the sun which could serve as an absorbent.

This is where the unique and multi-award-winning Gel-clear tablet of the British company Gel-clear Ltd. sets in. Trial data demonstrates that between 90-100% of water leak call outs can be attributed to blocked condensate drains, caused by biofilm, a slimy growth of microbial organisms in watery systems. Gel-clear prevents the development of biofilm by directly interacting with the metabolic processes of these bacteria, hindering the microbes to attach themselves to any part of the chiller’s inside, thus interfering in the crucial pre-phase of biofilm growth. No attachment – no secretion – no growth of biofilm, the microbes are simply washed away with the condensate wastewater. Simple but effective. With only one tablet Gel-clear per chiller unit, the development of biofilm is prevented for a year. The tablet is approved for use in condensate pumps, by Sauermann and Evac, and approved as pump-safe and for use in food processing. More than 150000 chillers in Great Britain and Ireland already use Gel-clear successfully.

Case studies clearly show a 90-95% reduction in maintenance call outs for water leaks – by the use of a tablet that effectively prevents the development of biofilm. Inventor and founder of Gel-clear Ltd., Paurick Gaughan, with longstanding expertise in servicing supermarket chillers is very much acquainted with this topic. Paurick Gaughan understands the problem and he knows the solution. Looking back at the development of Gel-clear he summarises: “We needed an effective condensate drain treatment that would last for one year, to suit the clients’ deep clean operations, pump safe, simple to use product that was safe to use in food retail. We developed a unique product, a safe and simple to use tablet. It worked differently to anything else on the market, relying on a tried and tested long-lasting coating method as the carrier to prevent biofilm.”

Winning the RAC Cooling Award for Refrigeration Product of the Year in 2016 and the HIVE Innovation Award in 2017 impressively shows how successful and innovative Gel-clear is.

Now the British company is set to enter the German-speaking market. From October 16 to 18, Gel-clear will exhibit at Chillventa in Nuremberg, the International Fair for Refrigeration, AC & Ventilation and Heat Pumps, and present to the expert audience its award-winning Gel-clear tablet.Gel-clear Ltd. will exhibit in Hall 8, Stand 8-515 und will for sure not offer a run-of-the-mill solution, but THE custom-made tablet against biofilm and resulting condensate drain blockages and leakages. It works. A whole year!

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