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What is Gel-clear?

A tablet that coats condensate drains to prevent slime, blockages and water leaks on supermarket chillers.

Biofilm jelly in condensate drains is the primary cause of leaking chillers on the sales floor, as many as 1 in 2 reactive call outs can be for water leaks. Biofilm is the product of airborne microbes, a survival mechanism.

The microbes secrete exopolymeric substance, (EPS) biofilm for survival. The biofilm provides protection and traps nutrients for feeding.

It is resistant to all antimicrobials, cleaning agents, biocides, bleach and even heat treatment! (Ref: Thien-Fah C. Mah and George A. O’Toole).

It has been studied that the microbes can increase biofilm production in response to antimicrobials and chlorine

Why do I need it?

Biofilm slime in drains is the primary cause of leaking supermarket display chillers.

In food retail, the problem of biofilm jelly affects the food display chillers, airborne microbes landing on the coil is where the problem begins. The microbes and bacteria are carried by the condensate waste water. It is along this route the bacteria attach to the pipes by behavioural changes, Quorum sensing (Communication with other microbes), Pili extension, and then attachment. Only once the microbe is attached can it secrete the biofilm that acts as a glue, adhering the microbes to the pipes and to other microbes in the water, trapping them and growing rapidly.

How does it work?

It is the only condensate drain treatment proven to last One year in the unit and reduce water leaks by between 90-100%.

Gel-clear treats the waste water, arresting microbial development. Condensate waste water is the carrier, the route the microbes and bacteria take, and it is here that the problem resides.

Gel-clear prevents the attachment of microbes, this is the first stage in the jelly formation, if the microbe cannot attach to a surface, it cannot secrete biofilm. We don’t kill microbes and bacteria because we can’t kill it all for a year, nobody can, but we can interrupt its developmental process stopping its attachment, formation and growth at the earliest stage. In doing this we can ensure the microbes are carried away in the condensate waste water dispersive route before they can cause problems.

This is where Gel-clear is unique on the market, it targets the microbial behaviour, preventing pili attachment, the critical stage preceding secretion, if the microbe cannot attach – it cannot secrete! Simple.

Does it work with condensate pumps?

Gel-clear is safe to use with all condensate pumps and vacuum drainage systems.

The primary cause of condensate pump failure is biofilm. The microbial jelly sets in the tank and causes the motor to lock in cycle and burn itself out. The jelly will form in the pipes prior to the pump, and also form in the discharge line causing it to block, this again, causes the pump to lock in cycle and burn out. Even in its invisible primary form, microbes cause biofilm fatigue to pumps causing drag on impellers, motor wear, and reducing the pumps life cycle.

Gel-clear is approved by Sauermann for use with condensate pumps and is safe approved to use with vacuum drainage systems.

How do I know biofilm slime is the cause of my water leaks?

There’s a free and easy way to find out, a free trial of Gel-clear will reveal how many of last years leaks were caused by biofilm using process of elimination. It won’t cost you a penny to find out.

Is it safe to use?

Yes, it is NSF Registered for use in food preparation areas.

Gel-clear is compliant under the EU Biocidal Products Directive and fully biodegradable; presenting no environmental hazards in both the short, and long term.

Is it expensive?

By comparison to other products on the market, no, at around 2 pence per day for the average chiller, its the best value on the market.

In operational cost models, carried out on customer sites, Gel-clear was found to reduce operational maintenance costs on chillers by 88%. An average return on investment of 1800% and no payback gap. Gel-clear saves money from the day its installed. Slips and trips claims on UK supermarkets are double all shoplifting losses. £3.6m per day. (Source: The Association of British Insurers) Gel-clear is proven to reduce water leaks on the sales floor by between 90-100%.

Absorbent strip costs £1.80 per linear metre and can absorb 2ltr of leaking waste water. A typical HT 8ft multi deck case discharges approx 90 litres of condensate water over 24hrs. This averages 3.75 litre per hr per case. On an aisle of 12 units, this would be 45 litres an hour. 45 1mtr strips required over a 24 hr period – 45 x £1.80 = £81.00.

Does it work in Freezers?

Gel-clear works in any unit that produces condensate waste water, and has a drain.

Why would I choose Gel-clear?

Primarily, Gel-clear is the only method of treating condensate waste water in refrigeration that is effective throughout the WHOLE dispersive route of the condensate waste water. From the point of origin at the heat exchange coil, out to the highway sewer, it is compatible with, effective and complimentary to ANY type of drainage configuration! Gravity – Pumped – Vacuum. The tablets are safe and simple to use, and can be applied to any chillers in any drainage configuration.