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Up to 30% of reactive maintenance call-outs in food refrigeration are for drainage issues. These issues are normally caused by blockages to case plumbing, which is often laid flat and condensate pump failure and biofilm blocking the drains is a major cause. Applying its innovation into both air conditioning and supermarket refrigeration, Gel-clear has developed a wide range of products that prevent biofilm formation, are NSF Registered safe for food preparation areas and require no PPE whilst also requiring no COSHH.

All Gel-clear air conditioning and refrigeration products are NSF Registered safe for use in food preparation areas, requiring no PPE and presenting no COSHH risks. In 2016, Gel-clear won the RAC Refrigeration Product of the Year, and in 2017, the HIVE Innovation Award for its unique, antimicrobial coating method of preventing biofilm. Air-clear is an HVAC coil & pan sanitising cleaner, Eco-clear is an evaporator coil & Ice-clean is a pan sanitising cleaner and an ice machine cleaner & sanitiser.

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