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Bio-beta Condensate Management System

Delivering energy-efficient gains and a proven Co2 reduction in food retail

Up to 30% of reactive maintenance call-outs are for drainage issues. Biofilm blocking drains, case plumbing laid flat, condensate pump failure.
Who’s responsible? - Maintenance manager, refrigeration contractor, drainage contractor, Gel-clear HVACR Drainage, Facilities Manager & Store Manager. Bio-beta is easy to install / retrofit. All components easily retrofit to case plumbing, robust construction, intuitive fit for a visually and physically limited restructive area. Zero Disruption to Trading. All components can be installed to a live trading site, with no disruption to merchandising or operations. Developed for easy integration into existing site operating procedures. Innovation Solution to Legacy Issues. Focusing on the high cost impact area, Bio-beta is a purpose-developed remedial solution bringing system integrity to all drainage configurations used in food retail.
35% Parts - Fan motor replacements were reduced by 35% year on year nationwide for one leading retailer. 90-100% blockages - Gel-clear tablets have consistently proven a 90-100% reduction in blocked condensate drains. 67% call outs - Proven to reduce refrigeration call outs for water leaks by 67% on a leading retailers 300+ stores over 3 years. 81% cost impact - over 81% of drainage maintenance cost impact is overground, beneath chillers. 60.5% emissions - 60.5% Co2 emissions reduction achieved annually for one UK retailer in reactive maintenance, amounting to over 50 tons a year.
QP34 for Food retail display chillers 1 year. Gel-clear, award winning condensate drain tablet. Proven to prevent biofilm in drains for one year. Multiple award winner. APC19 - Adjustable pipe chair. Adjustable case plumbing pipe chair, robust construction with 85mm fall range. DEsigned to easily retrofit to existing pipework. CPH17 - Condensate header connector. Header pipe connector for pump discharge line. Prevents backwash, water tight with air inlet valve. Anti-kink design, quick release (QR) fitting. Innovative Solution to One Large Problem. Manufacturers no quibble 5 year warranty on Sauermann refrigeration condensate pumps used in conjunction with the Bio-beta system.