A clean bill of health for buildings?

A clean bill of health for buildings?

 Anyone looking at making their buildings Covid-safe should begin with the fundamentals of cleaning the system, says Paurick Gaughan
Since the importance of airborne transmission to Covid infection became clear, the ventilation and air purification industries have gone into overdrive and barely a day seems to go by without the launch of a new device or filter to combat it. 
But when all the glamorous new technology has been considered and showcased, the most tried and tested method remains – cleaning the HVAC unit. Whether you have an existing system or a shiny new one, it still …

Grey areas in grey water: condensate drains and industry standards

For as long as supermarkets have been selling refrigerated and frozen food from display cabinets, there have been issues with condensate drains and more specifically with blockages.

The problem is endemic to the supermarket industry – I would vouch that every person who has been in a supermarket will have seen the black and yellow absorbent strips at the foot of a cabinet – and although it causes thousands of hours of downtime and service callouts, as well as often causing a safety hazard, it is a problem that …

Drain Guard from Gel-clear – saving time and taking the headaches out of cabinet cleaning

Refrigeration cleaning and drainage specialist Gel-clear has introduced
the Drain Guard universal drain cover, a flexible magnetic guard to stop
debris getting in to the cabinet plumbing during cleaning.
The Guard has been designed after extensive testing to save time on
the job and provide a better alternative to conventional drain bungs and

The fact that it is both flexible and magnetic means that it will fit to any
cabinet pan profile, to stop debris getting in, but is also easy to handle
when wearing rubber gloves. The clever device will also provide an …

Gel-clear receives top industry recognition for latest innovation in beating blockages

HVACR maintenance specialist Gel-clear has picked up a top industry accolade for its latest weapon to fight the scourge of blocked condensate drains.
The family firm won Maintenance Product of the Year at the ACR News Awards last Thursday for its bio-beta Pipe Chair – an innovative product that can play a big part in stopping blockages in refrigeration cabinets. Developed with the assistance of the University of Central Lancashire, it has been extensively tested to provide superb results, time after time.

Blocked condensate drains are an all-too-common hazard that is estimated to account for up to 40 per cent of refrigeration …

Full System Philosophy

We live in a world of immediate answers, Google, Wikipedia, which leads us naturally to an understanding of instant solutions. We want answers quick! and results quick! That’s just how things are these days, and that’s fine, but in dealing with some problems we need a more measured approach, a more systematic approach with a broad view. Leaking supermarket display chillers is one of these problems.

Biofilm jelly in retail refrigeration is one problem, but the correct diagnostic, and cost impact …

Cooling Business Of The Year

Finalist: Gel-clear

Biofilm is the enemy of display cases and what Gel-clear is dedicatedto eradicating

Our judges liked the Gel-clear approach and they were particularly impressed that a small business – and one operating in a niche area – was striving to ‘do the right thing’ in the cooling industry. The company based in Darwen, Lancashire, has just four full-time staff and is owned solely by Paurick Gaughan….

Sauermann and Gel-clear Join Forces to Prevent Refrigeration Biofilm

Sauermann, a global leader in condensate removal pumps, and Gel-clear, a UK-based company that produces tablets that prevent the formation of refrigeration biofilm, are pleased to be partnering to offer a superior Si-93 pump solution.

Biofilm is a bacteria that often forms and is a well-known problem in supermarket refrigerated-display cabinets. It can cause costly leaking.

The combination of Sauermann`s Si-93 membrane pump and Gel-clear`s anti-biofilm tablet provides a winning solution for store owners and customers that can significantly reduce their leaking liabilities by nearly 100 percent.

The partnership between Sauermann and Gel-clear for this product was cemented during Chillventa in Germany.

¨Sauermann Group …

Gel-clear launch in Germany

Multi-award winning Gel-clear tablet prevents formation of biofilm in supermarket chillers and reduces condensate leakages and maintenance costs by 90-95% on average.

Gel-clear extend lifespan

Gel-clear announced the launch of their new extended life tablet as the 15/6/17. The change aims to bring consistency and simplicity for installers PPM operatives, and reactive maintenance engineers.

Managing director Paurick Gaughan said:
“Our one-year tablet has always achieved fantastic results, case studies have always proven a reduction in water leak call-outs between 90-100%. Our tablet is installed by a range of people from refrigeration engineers to case cleaning technicians, we appreciate case designs differ, operational use varies, we know placing the tablets as directed is not always possible, in light of this, we have increased the tablets lifespan by 40%. …

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