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Introducing Our Award Winning Range of Air Conditioning Solutions

Built on Gel Clear’s ethos of quality, value and innovation our range of air conditioning solutions are proven to perform, time after time.  Our products not only solve real problems but are designed to provide long term protection and improve the performance of AC equipmentWe are also proud to unveil our new concentrated cleaner – Air-clear.

The non-toxic, non-hazardous multi-surface disinfectant cleaner for HVAC units requires no PPE or COSHH and is guaranteed to perform. Other products in the range include AC03 Micro-tabs, FC22 Fan Coil Tablet, AHU60 Cold Room Tablet and the new Tank Pump Tablets.

Placed in the condensate tray or the tank pump the tablet dissolves and coats all surfaces with the long lasting ‘Gel-clear’ anti microbial coating. This is proven to prevent biofilm at the earliest stage, improving efficiency and extending the pump life cycle. All Gel-clear air conditioning products are NSF Registered safe for use in food preparation areas, requiring no PPE and presenting no COSHH risks.

In 2016, Gel-clear won the RAC Refrigeration Product of the Year, and in 2017, the HIVE Innovation Award for its unique, antimicrobial coating method of preventing biofilm. Gel-clear launched the new Concentrates Range on 29th June. Air-clear Concentrate is an HVAC coil & pan sanitising cleaner, which performs to BS EN 1276 and BS EN 1650.

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