10 Quick Facts About Blocked Condensate Drains

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  1. The number 1 cause of blocked condensate drains in refrigeration is biofilm (EPS). It looks like a clear jelly or slime.
  2. The EPS is a secretion produced by microbes in the water, a survival mechanism that is resistant to cleaning chemicals.
  3. The microbes are in the surrounding air supply – unavoidable in the units function.
  4. Biofilm EPS affects many different industries and manufacturing processes in many different ways, each industry develops its own context-specific solution.
  5. The biofilm EPS as a jelly slime is found in refrigeration, affecting all the drains in the chain.
  6. Biofilm EPS jelly is resistant to cleaning chemicals and even heat treatment. Once cleaned, the growth process starts again immediately.
  7. The biofilm can even react aggressively to chlorine-based cleaners causing them to increase EPS production as a defensive reaction.
  8. The microbes follow a preset sequence of irreversible behaviour; the microbes communicate by ‘quorum sensing’, followed by pili extension – attachment, then finally secretion of the biofilm EPS jelly.
  9. In supermarkets, it is typically the 40mm condensate drains that block causing the chillers to leak, or rising water to damage electrical parts.
  10. Biofilms are the biggest cause of blocked chiller drains and condensate pump failure.
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